Lo Más Fácil​/​The Beginning

by Iñaki Barrocal

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"Lo Más Fácil/The Beginning" is the first sneak peek at Iñaki's new album since "Empireo" (2014): "Blossom".
"Lo Más Fácil" ("The Easiest Thing") is a deeply personal song dealing with the themes of depression and suicidal thoughts, the first chapter in a story of recovery and healing which will be depicted in the rest of "Blossom".
"The Beginning" is the English version of "Lo Más Fácil", but with more positive lyrics.

Best enjoyed with headphones!


released February 12, 2017

Music, lyrics, all vocals, piano, bass, recording, editing: Iñaki Barrocal Castro

2017, Khannonmusic Studios



all rights reserved


Iñaki Barrocal Andorra La Vella, Andorra

Ambient pop and experimental music. I reign over that which remains unseen and unheard.

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Track Name: Lo Más Fácil
Hoy he pensado que no valía la pena seguir
Tirarlo todo por la borda y dejar de vivir
Hacía tiempo
Sólo pensarlo me da miedo

No había motivos pa' considerar la oportunidad
Recuperarme, seguir adelante con dignidad
"Irme de este mundo
Tan irrisorio, tan absurdo"

En mi móvil un mensaje a punto para enviar
Diciendo adiós y que ya nos volveríamos a encontrar
"En otra vida"
Permíteme que me ría

Miraba al río desde el puente, dispuesto a saltar
Toda esperanza, todo honor y vida abandonar
Y aún así
Tuve que desistir...

Es lo más fácil, pero no funciona así
Culparse siempre es más fácil, pero la vida no funciona así...

(Repeat chorus)
Track Name: The Beginning
Let's take a step into the future and decide what is best
Forget all troubles, complications, and let everything rest
I'm thinking maybe this is a chance to do it over

I've got a balance to find and a point to prove
I've got to give it my all to build something new
It's showing promise
I'm thinking this is the beginning

I'm bidding farewell to all that made me lose control
I've got a plan to be the one I used to know
I'm feeling lucky and I'm the only one who knows it

Pick up the pieces, recover, and get myself up
Start from scratch and get myself to the top
I'm thinking maybe
I'm thinking this is the beginning

I'm thinking this is the beginning
I'm thinking, I'm thinking this is the beginning...

(Repeat chorus)